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ASFTP Arizona Online Program provides food protection / management training and the official certification exam.

The course through video, animations and audio- communicates years of expert food sanitation research and professional  experience; along with the latest FDA Food Code updates. 

Course objective is to  educate, and instill a food safety culture so that the manager can implement what is learned.


Fun and simple interactive puzzles assist in information retention.

  ASFTP Arizona Online Program is tailored to run on all smart phones, tablets and computers. You can start and stop anywhere in the course. It is self paced, and you choose how quickly you are able to complete your lessons. You control your time. 

In short ASFTP Arizona Online Program provides all knowledge needed to pass any of the ANSI accredited Food Protection Manager Approved Exams. Approved Exam is provided, along with this course.


You need 75% to pass. Upon passing  the exam successfully, you will have earned the 5 year Food Safety Protection Manager License/Certification.

Lessons Covered

-The Importance of Food Safety
-Foodborne Illness: An In Depth Look
-Biological, Chemical and Physical Hazards
-Common Foodborne Illnesses and Intoxications 
-Flow Of Food



-Cleaning and Sanitizing 
-Pest Control 
-HACCP Systems


Practice Examination, Quizzes and much much more.

ASFTP Arizona Online Program Price Includes: Course and

Official Certification ANSI Approved Exam

Language Options

English and Spanish

 Why wait, Enroll Today!


ASFTP online Food Handler Training course is approved for use in all other cities and counties in the State of Arizona, including Maricopa County. The course and examination take approximately 2 hours to complete and, on successful completion of the course, provides the trainee with a downloadable certificate and handler card. The certificate is provided for the establishment and the card is for the employee. This course uses state-of-the-art programming and can to be used on all computers, tablets and smartphones, without the need for any other downloads. 
Do not buy the Food Handler Training if you hold a valid Food Protection Manager Certification pursuant to current food safety law. 

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