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please read a real world personal experience of ours, will help in understanding the importance of choosing a Proper provider for your training / Certification needs

We Pride Ourselves In Our REAL WORLD Experience

We have over 20 years experience teaching and aiding our communities.

We pride ourselves in helping that special someone learn something new about their daily routine, and what it entails. We understand, our clients run the full gamut. Some have PHD's. Some are from a humble background. We teach to all, and this knowledge is as food is, the ultimate foundation to any kind of functionality in any environment, city, society. Food is the ultimate unifier. The Ultimate Equalizer. 

We have trained seasoned Health Inspectors to teach this course, and have worked alongside professionals in the field. Our emphasis is to focus on the real world practicality of food manipulation, vs simply reading a textbook. We bring with us, real world, salt of the earth mind you, elements to our craft. WE NEVER BORE YOU WITH a Power Point presentation, like many of our competitors. We literally carry with us, a portable tripod stand and a portable eraser board. Color markers, a laptop. And we email you the study material, for your staff, so you can read it ahead of time, in their language of choice, (English and Spanish, and other languages avail, please call or ask for details). We also ask, that for every workshop, everyone have a notebook paper to take notes and a pen or pencil. As we draw and illustrate, and write out key points on the board, everyone can follow through. This aids in better retention, as they are hearing it, seeing it, and writing it. They are being pro active in the class. They are interacting with the delivery on a continual basis. Questions and comments are encouraged. Sometimes issues within a team, when carrying out a private class, are fleshed out, and the academic, neutral setting, provides a nice cushion for discourse. 

A story. A very large corporation, client of ours, needed training for close to a hundred managers. Our Chinese instructor, whom was an Ex Health Inspector, and spoke Mandarin fluently, natively, at the last moment, called and mentioned that due to an emergency, she was not going to be able to conduct the course for us. We then turned to one of our competitors, as we are both competitors and allies; friends as in any industry, and we are mature enough that in the end, we are all just people. We aquired a 'seasoned' Chinese instructor from them. The students attending this course were all the VP's (Vice Presidents) of their respective depts.


Our competitors instructor, whom we hired out of emergency and sheer necessity, all he did, was talk and switch slides from a Power Point. When one of the VP's asked a specific question, the 'Instructor' replied: 'That will not be on the test'. And continued on his insensitive presentation, insensitive to a unique inquiry on the subject matter. During lunch, I was informed of this, and I was told that this SAME instructor had once visited them prior, due to them using our competitor because they were shopping around, and were not happy with the service they received. Little did they(my clients) expect that I unknowingly would bring in the SAME instructor, at a later date, as an emergency to replace a highly qualified instructor we were to provide. So I personally stepped in, I asked this hired instructor to leave during lunch time, and I (finished) conducted the training with a translator, and all went well. A learning experience for myself, to have a back up number two, and lastly, to NEVER use/hire instructors from my competitor for my training purposes. 

What's surprising is that they are a large provider, and have resources and could do so much better than that, I payed very very good money to utilize their instructor, for this very very bad experience for both myself and my client. I respect them, as colleagues. I personally know the director/proprietor, of my competitor, and despite these details, as in any industry we appreciate each others strengths, and respect each other as colleagues in the same industry, yet I was truly disappointed. And out of respect, I will keep my competitor nameless.

The lesson?. Quality training is an art form, and something that we take great pride in executing. And you must be very careful who you choose. You deserve the best treatment. You deserve experience.

On a different matter and subject, we have also had the great pleasure to act as liaisons, between local county and city inspectors. We always take care of our clients, if they need a voucher letter from our school, as proof of registration, or providing an interim document from our school that acts as a temporary official document in lieu of pending certification. Whether it's to simply prove you've registered or show the Health Dept you have completed your course and waiting for your hard copy in the mail. We have personally called the Health Dept and spoken to their personal inspector on behalf of our clients, faxed, emailed directly any documentation, to stave off any fines, to expand the waiting period or window due to forgotten or procrastination due to necessity situations.


We are your one stop shop for all food management/beverage certification needs. And we are ALWAYS on your side. Any issues with over zealous inspectors; perhaps inexperienced or a suspicion an inspector may carry a bias or agenda?. We have aided in many unique situations and have provided consultation on the matter. We are both allies of the Health Dept, and our clients, and by being such, can aid you in finding a middle ground. No one is perfect, and we all must try to get along, professionally, and sometimes, it takes a third party to assist, in such sensitive matters. When you join our family, we act as a bridge between you and all compliance regulation bodies and entities. This relationship does not end when you finish taking your test. You can count on us for anything else, and if we can help, we most certainly will. If the situation is extensive, we will let you know if additional fees apply for additional services, depending on how deep and involved it is. Otherwise, we will be happy to assist you in a complimentary manner.

We also do private walk throughs or private inspections, only in the Southern California, L.A. County/Ventura County Area. 



Training Coordinator and Team

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